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Play Mijas - 2021/09/07

There are so many event venues nowadays that when it comes to choosing a space for your celebration you may get a little bit lost. What would be the points that make you decide over this or that venue? PLAY, a brand new celebration place in Mijas, is here to remind you of some of them.

Celebrate your event like no other.

It may easily get overwhelmed when you come to think about what to start with, you want your event to be perfect and memorable for everyone, don't you? But here in PLAY you can relax and just express your creativity. The name itself invites you to experiment with your ideas and concepts, and our team of passionate professionals is here to make this journey exciting and delightful. Remember it is also about enjoying the process and taking it as a play in some way.

One of the best caterings on Costa del Sol.

Want to try the delicious food made by our first class chef and enjoy live music, great atmosphere and amazing sea views? Then this is the right place. Mouth watering cuisine and exclusive aperitifs will make you want to come back and explore infinite combinations of tastes and textures. Why not come and try it yourself at our venue Play in Mijas?

Your special moments at the seaside.

PLAY offers you a great spacious location with a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. A cool breeze on a sunny day, picturesque sunsets and a blue sea as a witness of your special moment. Sounds attractive, isn’t it? It is even more alluring when you come to live and experience it in real life. Actually, Play is all about it, a place full of new experiences and unique moments.

Enjoy your success and share with others.

Another activity PLAY is planning to dedicate their time and efforts to is charity. Giving care and support to those who are in need is something that makes us humans. Being conscious and collaborative helps our society grow and benefits all of us, wouldn't you agree? Making a commitment to our community is at the heart of our culture.

Not planning to have any event yet?

Come around anyway, there is always something exciting happening at Play. Magnificent flamenco nights, electronic music parties, or a music trip right to the 80s - we love to play with formats and genres. Important sport and cultural events, music and cinema festivals - we stay tuned to the world’s greatest happenings and we’ll be happy if you join us in this journey.
Even if you come alone, you won’t feel lonely because at Play you feel like family!

Be it a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate training or a business presentation that you are looking to celebrate, PLAY is here to make it unique and outstanding for you and your people.


Event Space


A space to play, meet with friends, get together with family and make memories for life.

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