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Are you planning to hold your big day outside your native country and the choice has fallen on Spain? PLAY will help you take in mind some points before you start with the preparation. We have sorted the most important details to mention, so let’s go straight to the core.


1. Legal or Civil marriage

This type of marriage doesn’t require a religious aspect, although if you want to combine, a religious ceremony (or blessing) can be held following the civil one.

2. Religious marriage

A variety of religious marriages are allowed in Spain - Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim - and the good point is they can be celebrated without requiring a second civil marriage. Religious marriage has the same legal status as a civil union.

3. Civil partnership or Pareja de hecho

A civil union is the case when you and your loved one are in a relationship and live together. Sometimes this is an easiest way to legalize the relationship before you proceed with the religious or civil ceremony.

4. Symbolic ceremony

This type of marriage has no legal value, still if your heart tells you this is something you want to do - just go ahead and allow yourselves a celebration of your union the way you want. Legal part may come at a later time.


Below are some of the documents you may require for the legal procedures:

Valid passports

Original birth certificates

Proof of eligibility to marry (certificate of no impediment)

Certificate of residence or empadronamiento

Divorce or Death certificate (if applicable)

Religious documents issued by your church or similar (if applicable)


1. Documents and Dates.

Prepare the documents needed for the type of ceremony you are going to hold and mind the dates since it may take a few months to complete. Remember the requirements may vary across Spanish regions so we do recommend checking
thoroughly with the Civil Registry Office in the area where you are going to get married.
Also, note that any documents in foreign language must be translated to Spanish by an official translator, most probably with a stamp or Apostille.

2. Age and Residence.

Keep in mind the marriage age (both should be over 18) and if two of you are foreigners, at least one of the partners should be a legal resident in Spain for 2 years (the last point is for civil marriage only).

3. Same-sex Marriage

Spain recognized the right to marriage for the same-sex couples back in 2005, since then thousands of gay couples were able to legalize their union and enjoy their rights on an equal basis with heterosexual couples.

Once you have decided about the type of marriage you are willing to have and started the paperwork process, it is time to choose the wedding venue and elaborate the idea or vision of your special day. Whether you feel it is going to be a small wedding or a big celebration, even if you have no clear idea so far, PLAY is here to offer you a perfect celebration venue in Mijas, as well as taking care of all the organization process, and make your dream become real.


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