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Play Mijas - 2021/06/09

Wedding celebrations in Spain are considered to be one of the most joyful events for its people, in many ways thanks to its customs and traditions.

PLAY is going to share just a few of them, the ones that are most popular nowadays, still traditions may vary from place to place.

Many Spanish couples follow Catholic traditions with a church wedding and a reception afterwards, nevertheless, there is a great part of those who opt for a non religious celebrant. It may be a small celebration with just close friends and family members or a big party for around 200 guests. PLAY, a unique event space in Mijas, , is known not only for its diverse and perfect space to host big and small wedding ceremonies throughout the year, but also for its collaboration with the best celebrants in Europe, Celebrant Spain among them.

Wedding ceremonies may take place in the morning or afternoon followed by the party that may last for hours. Commonly, the parents of the couple take a job to make sure the groom and bride don't see each other before the wedding, and accompany them to the altar. They will also share a place at the head table during the party, so usually the head table is set for six.

You may witness another ritual during the ceremony at the altar when a priest would bless 13 golden coins or arras, which represent shared wealth and goodness that the newly married will have in their new life together. As the couple leaves the ceremony, the guests would throw dried rice thus expressing their wish of prosperity.

Some brides choose to follow an old tradition and put on four symbolic attributes: something old (to maintain the connection with her roots), something new (representing the beginning of a new cycle of life), something borrowed (all the goodness that the bride can expect from her loved ones) and something blue (a sign of love and commitment). After the wedding, the bride throws her bouquet in the air and a girl who catches the flowers is supposed to be the next one to marry.

When it comes to the food, there is a great variety of delicious plates one would often come to eat at the Spanish wedding fiesta. Many couples nowadays hire national cuisine providers, others prefer meals elaborated by authentic chefs, - PLAY knows that the fiesta is as significant as the official ceremony and can get any type of food you desire.

During the reception, the newly married would go from table to table to present small gifts that they personally want to deliver to each guest. They would also be the first to start the dance after the banquet.

Another great thing is that kids are very much welcome on Spanish weddings. It's common to hire an entertainer who will organize fun activities for kids and keep them busy during the celebration. In the PLAY wedding venue you are guaranteed a green zone for the little ones and an ample outdoor space for live music and dance.

There is so much more to mention about how special the Spanish wedding traditions are - you better don't miss an opportunity to take part and be a live witness of this celebration.


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